Nils  (Nisse)  Svenningsen

Nils (Nisse) Svenningsen


I have recently been employed by Rebellion in Oxford, and will be starting there in June. My internship was spent at Flashbulb Games where I got to work with Terrain Generation and the more technical bits of environment art! My internship was part of my Technical Art education at The Game Assembly (TGA) in Malmö Sweden. I come from a background of creating 3D art in my spare time, as well as modding a multitude of games.

My first experiences with games where back in the late 90's when I got to play Escape Velocity: Nova on my dad's iMac. Years later he introduced me to Photoshop, showing me how to cut out a spaceship from a screenshot of Homeworld 2. That is when the corrup-.... I mean passion for games development, modding, and later storytelling began.

I would say that my modding is what made me want to get into making games, and it has taught the basis that everything I know rests on. It is also something that has taught me a lot about how different companies work, and what kind of standards they hold when it comes to their assets and production pipelines. All has not been easy though, coming from the bottom and going up has put me in the situation of hitting walls more than a few times. Thankfully when I have, I have often taken to emailing companies and developers, asking them what this or that in their game files does, and in general the responses have been helpful. It is through doing this I first heard of The Game Assembly, my thanks still go out to the people at Blackbird Interactive who put TGA on my map!

Thanks to all these sometimes strange, but almost always fun experiences my passion for making games has only grown! You can find a copy of my Resumé and a direct link to my LinkedIn below.