The time I spent at Flashbulb Games was part of my Internship, which in turn was the final step of my education at The Games Assembly. My first day at Flashbulb defined the experience I have had as a whole. From the moment of arriving that first day I was up and running in less than 30 minutes. Things worked. Of course there was an element of stress, there always is. But thanks to both my mentors (and all my colleagues) being friendly and warm people, I soon felt like a part of the team. At Flashbulb I got to work on the Early Access game called Trailmakers.

This is one of the large assets I made for Trailmakers, the Expedition Carrier Tir.

Here is a user created gif showing the carrier in a fly-by

The expectation I came with when starting, was that work would be inflexible in terms of tasks. Coming from the Games Assembly, tasks are very defined by your profession. To my joy, this was not quite the case at Flashbulb. During the 17 weeks there, I have had a chance to work across  disciplines. This meant working both as a Technical Artist, and an Environment Artist. My primary responsibilities have spread over three areas; Level design tools, Environment assets, and asset optimization. Below I will go through them each. Houdini and Art are live, I will get around to the optimization section when I have the time and energy.