This was the first proper game I was part of making. It is the end result of a 48-hour Game Jam held in Odense at the annual Odense Film Festival (OOF) in 2016. It was the first time they ever ran it. The team I was in decided to work in Unreal Engine 4, as there had not been any limitations specified on engine use.

The challenge given to all the teams were to create a game that focused on a journey. We spent nearly four hours brainstorming before we settled on the idea of making a game about a bullet’s journey from the barrel of a gun to it’s target. The Pitch, as best as I can recall it; Welcome to Trick shot; A game where you play as THE magic bullet. Fly through levels collecting data and transmitting it back to central before embedding yourself 2 inches in the skull of your target! but beware, do not kill civilians!


My Role

My principal role during the jam was as Technical Artist/Environment Artist. We decided to use the space we were in as out level, so I did my best to recreate the space in 3D. It was a fun experience, and a test to how much work I could do in a short span of time, especially considering how new I was to making assets. I managed to crank out around 30 assets in those 48 hours, on top of helping create textures and rigs for the NPCs that walk around the level.

To create the textures for the NPCs we did some extremely basic photo-scanning, taking pictures of each member of the team. Then using those images to create pants, shirts, and more.

We did not win the Jam, but we each got a nice bottle of champagne. I first opened it when I got my internship at Flashbulb Games in 2018. It turns out it did not taste that great, but the sentimentality of it was fun! If you would like to try the game for yourself, you can download it here (750MB)!

With that team I continued working for another year on a VR driving game that never came to be. The team split up as some found jobs, and I myself was accepted into The Games Assembly(TGA). But here is a final composition of some of the assets I made for that, unnamed VR game. This was also used in my application to TGA!